Environment / Air Quality

Significant improvements have been made in the last few decades in terms of industrial and manufacturing pollution sources. There may still be room for improvement in that sector, but I believe we need to look at other sources of pollution if we want to see meaningful gains in air quality. I don’t believe enough is being done in terms of providing incentives for individuals or families to limit their personal pollution from vehicles.  Anti-idling, carpooling and public transit incentives ought to be increased along the Wasatch Front where a large population makes such efforts more feasible and has the potential for big gains.  In rural communities, anti-idling and smart trip planning should also be incentivized to curb unnecessary air pollution, but the best opportunities for rural communities to reduce air pollution will likely come from a review of various tax incentives for small, medium and large industrial and manufacturing operations to ensure the State is providing proper incentives for companies to upgrade pollution control equipment.  It won’t help our economy to shut down plants or factories, but if we encourage investment in clean technology, everyone will benefit.

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