The electric vehicle revolution hits Utah

This article was published on on October 16, 2014.

With winter approaching those infamous inversions are right around the corner, but the bad air has lawmakers from both parties concerned. Now both sides of the isle are working together on a solution, involving electric vehicles.

“I’ve got five hires that I’ve hired all within the last year, all under the age of 30, four are from out of state. I am scared to death for their first winter here,” said Utah Paperbox owner Steve Keiser.

Business leaders gathered with lawmakers at the capitol to discuss the growing problem with air quality along the Wasatch Front.

“Air quality is the number one negative of living in our state,” said Rep. Patrice Arent (D) from Salt Lake County.

Now Democrat Patrice Arent and Republican Lowry Snow have teamed up to fight back. They want to make it more affordable for you to buy electric vehicles.

Last session Rep. Snow passed a bill more-than doubling tax credits for those who buy electric cars to $1,500. Now he wants to extend that program.

“Making sure that we explore and take advantage of electric vehicles technology is going to help us not only clean the air currently, but also looking into the future too,” said Rep. lowery Snow (R) from Washington County.

Steve Keiser is already taking advantage; his company, Utah Paperbox, has installed several electric charging stations, “we believe that workplace charging is a big part of the “EV revolution.”

Policy experts believe similar moves will both clean the air and cut fuel costs.

“I don’t charge to plug in. it’s all free. It costs a dollar to fill a volt why worry about that,” added Keiser.

Although it’s still early policy experts say the response from lawmakers on the bill has been “good.”

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